Now is a great time to invest in this opportunity. Most of your equipment purchases will qualify for the recently announced small business tax deduction.
You can start your new business AND reduce your tax bill!

Sunriser Espresso is distinctly different to the traditional café or coffee shop.

First and foremost we take the café experience to the commuter. With sites located on major commuter routes, our drive-through service allows customers to pull-up, order and collect their coffee without leaving their car.

Secondly we tackle the two major costs associated with running a café: rent and labour.

Our business model allows us to secure sites at significantly reduced prices. Typically we pay around 10% – 20% of the market rate for the site we occupy. This means we can secure prime locations without incurring prime rents. As you know, controlling rental costs is a key element in driving profitability for any cafe style business.

Our operation requires only two staff. Without tables to wait on or food that needs cooking and prepping, we have no need for wait staff or kitchen hands. We simply have one barista who is in charge of hot drink preparation and one customer service person who takes orders, manages the POS system and serves food. That’s it.

With our excellent service and cutting-edge licence plate technology, customers are in and out quickly, with little wait time. That means happy customers and maximized capacity.

We’ve got years of experience behind us and uncountable cups of coffee in front of us.

Why Choose Sunriser Espresso?


Innovative, Attractive Store Concepts

The photo says it all – we bring the café experience to your car. Our business model lets us lease highly visible sites right on prime commuter routes, literally taking the café to the commuter. Everything at Sunriser Espresso is geared towards delivering a better customer experience and our technology keeps us ahead of the game. Orders are automatically sent to the barista as soon as the customer enters the drive-through, meaning their coffee can be ready before they’ve even ordered it.


Our Coffee

Our Sunriser Espresso blend is roasted right here in Sydney. With our unique coffee brewing process and experienced baristas, we provide both speed and quality in every cup. The coffee we use is aged between 7-14 days, which is the optimum time after roasting to ensure a fresh, robust crema every time. Our blend is suitable for all day drinking, so you’ll have a long line of repeat customers you can rely on!


The Lifestyle

Sunriser Espresso only trade on weekday mornings. This lifestyle is massively appealing. You can finish a full day’s trading and be home in time for lunch – the rest of the day is yours. A hospitality job with a fixed roster, and no weekends or nights means your staff will love it too.


The Investment

Full “turn-key” sites, start from only $80,000+GST. For this you will get a site sourced in an area of your choice, a brand new, fully fitted custom Sunriser mobile kiosk, all building works, and full training. This is all backed up by on-site support from an experienced barista who will be with you for the opening two weeks.
The timeframe from signing up to opening your store is around 6 months.
The Sunriser Espresso standard Franchise Agreement is for 5 years with a Renewal Term of 5 years with 8% ongoing royalties and zero marketing levy.
You will be buying into a proven business model with over 1,000,000 coffees’ worth of experience, proprietary technological support and refined business processes.


Getting Your Sunriser Espresso Business Going

Once you’ve decided to own a Sunriser Espresso franchise, the start-up process usually takes about 6 months from application to opening. But don’t worry – we’ll be working with you every step of the way!

We will help you secure a location; we’ll design your store and assist with an initial marketing campaign. During this time, we will train you and your team to prepare for the exciting journey of owning your own coffee business in your local community.
Excited? So are we! Complete our inquiry form to start your journey to Sunriser Espresso franchise ownership now!


Who We’re Looking For

Our baristas love the art of coffee and our franchisees love owning their own business. Do you love making coffee? Do you like the idea of working five mornings a week and selling a great product that customers really crave? Want to be finished work by midday?
We are looking for:

  • Mentors who can train and manage an incredible, customer-focused team
  • Entrepreneurs who can understand, use, and believe in our system
  • Leaders with passion for business and quality coffee served fast
  • People who have tried and LOVE Sunriser Espresso’s addictive coffee!

Have Questions?
Here are the Answers!

Q.1 How much money do I need to open a Sunriser Espresso Franchise?

The cost of opening a Sunriser Espresso franchise starts at $80,000 plus GST. Some of these costs can be financed but we recommend having at least $50,000 in cash.

Q.2 Can I run my Sunriser Espresso business part time?

Sunriser Espresso is not a good fit for people who want a business that runs itself. You are expected to work in your mobile kiosk to maximise your return. Please understand that the success of your business is in your hands and that, as a franchisee, you lead your team by example.

Q.3 Can I run more than one Sunriser Espresso store?

Yes! But it’s important to understand that the most successful Sunriser Espresso franchisees actively work in the business. If you choose to run multiple stores, you can expect to work many hours, particularly in the beginning. You will need to be involved at all locations you run, covering every facet of day to day operations, including hiring, training, customer service, coffee preparation, cleaning, and administrative functions.

Q.4 What will my training look like?

You will receive one week’s classroom and onsite training on coffee making techniques, our systems and processes, accounting, food preparation, food safety and hygiene.
You will then have five days in one of our corporate sites learning the job hands-on. You will be fully supported by an experienced team and will be shown all aspects of the day-to-day running of a busy store.
Prior to the opening of your store you will have on-site support for set-up and preparation. One of our experienced baristas will support you through the opening day and week of trading as your business kicks into gear.

Ready to Put a Smile on the Face of an Everyday Commuter?

It all starts with filling out the inquiry form below. Tell us a little about yourself so that we can decide together if you’re a great fit for the Sunriser Espresso revolution! If you’ve got what it takes to bring our great coffee to your community, we’ll be in touch to talk about your goals and discuss the next steps.

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