Our Coffee

Freshly roasted coffee makes the best espresso. Sunriser coffee is roasted locally each week by master roasters whose combined passion and love of coffee spans over 100 years.

Good coffee needs a good barista to draw the best out of each bean. Our baristas are all very experienced and most have previously run their own cafes.

The coffee we use each day is aged between 7 – 14 days after roasting. This is the optimum time to use coffee and ensures the freshness of the volatile oils is retained but gives time for the coffee to de-gas so that a strong, lasting crema is achieved with every shot.


Our coffee is a 100% Arabica blend of Colombian Supremo, Honduras, Ethiopian Limu, Sumatra Kuda Mas and Costa Rica estate coffees.
It is roasted to a Central European Roast just on the second crack in a bespoke Probat German roaster.

The blend is suitable for all day drinking.
It has sweet notes from the Honduras and Colombian beans, chocolate from the Ethiopian Limu and spice from the Sumatra Kuda Mas & Costa Rica, with a smooth finish.

Brighter Mornings Start With Great Coffee.

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